Going Skiing For The First Time-Dec., 13th


November 22, 2017

Marshall Township Municipal Building-Lower Level

7:00 p.m.

Perhaps you think you are too old to learn to ski or, your kids are too young?
Maybe skiing sounds like it would be fun for you and your family but you just
don’t know how to get started: Where to go. What to expect when you arrive.
What to bring or wear. What equipment is needed and were to get it. How to
go about learning. And, what will it cost.
Maybe you ‘dislike the cold’ or are concerned about getting hurt or riding a chairlift.
“Going Skiing for the Very First Time” will answer these questions and prepare you and your family for a fun
and stress-free FIRST Experience on snow!
Why do you want to learn to ski now? Because you will feel invigorated being outdoors bonding with family
and friends while having fun. Because you will meet new people with a common passion. Because it will
open the doors to memorable family vacations. And, because you will come to love the winter not dread it.
The presenters, long-time Marshall Township residents Arthur & Debra, are PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of
America) Certified Ski Instructors and have taught skiing at Hidden Valley/Seven Springs for ten seasons.


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