Perennial Exchange-May 16th


Wednesday, May 16th

Knob Hill Park-Elias Fry Barn

7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Does your garden have an over-abundance of one perennial and not enough of another? Would you like to trade a few clumps of your favorite ground cover for some of that hard-to-find plant you noticed in your neighbor’s yard? Bring your perennials to the barn and enjoy coffee and conversation. Meet others interested in enhancing their gardens and swap favorite perennials. Please label your plants and indicate sun vs. shade plants.
Register Online by May 14th – NO FEE!

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  • NOTE: If registering multiple participants, please use the head of household's information.

    NOTE: You will be able to select how many participants you are adding as well as their names at the end of this registration process.
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