Earned Income Tax (EIT)

Pennsylvania Act 32 of 2008 was passed to simplify earned income tax collection for employers with a place of business located in Pennsylvania. Under this Act, these employers must collect and submit this tax to a single collection agency. Marshall Township along with 60 other taxing districts located in Northern Allegheny County formed the Northern Allegheny County Tax Committee (NACTC) selecting Keystone Collection Group as the designated collection entity.

Tax Withholding

Under Act 32 employers must withhold and remit earned income tax for every employee, on a quarterly basis. Keystone Collections will then process the payments and send the money to the designated municipality. There will be no individual quarterly payment cards sent to you unless you are self employed.

All employees should receive from their employer a resident certification form to be filed out. The PSD code for Marshall Township is 710703 and the tax rate is 1%.

Other Taxes

  • Local Service Tax (formerly EMS Tax): $52 for earnings over $12,000
  • Per Capita: $10 to North Allegheny School District - appears on your School Real Estate Bill.

Delinquent Taxes (2011 and prior):

Delinquent Taxes are now being handled by Keystone Collections Group (contact information is listed above).