Cardboard Recycling - Larger Volume

Cardboard Recycling - Larger Volume Cardboard can now be recycled in your blue top recycle container placed curbside (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.). For excess cardboard (from moving or boxes from large purchases) there is a large recycle container at the rear of the municipal building. PLEASE - all cardboard must be placed in the container at the rear of the building. If the container is full, DO NOT place the cardboard on the ground. Bring it back another day after the container has been emptied. When the cardboard gets wet, it cannot be recycled. Also, all boxes MUST be broken down so as to allow for more room in the container. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Create a Commercial Recycling Program

For help in creating a recycling program for your business visit the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection website.

According to State Act 140, please be advised that all businesses in Pennsylvania are required to participate in a recycling program.

Beginning January 24, 2013, a disposal ban on covered devices (such as TVs) went into effect in Pennsylvania. From this point forward, no person may dispose of a covered device, or any of its components, with their municipal solid waste. These devices and their components must be properly recycled and may not be taken to, nor accepted by, landfills or other solid waste disposal facilities. However, non-hazardous residuals of covered devices that are produced during the recycling of those devices are excluded from the disposal ban.

Recycling/Yardwaste Reminders

Just a reminder that you cannot recycle styrofoam of any sort (peanuts, egg cartons, chunks). Bubble wrap is also unacceptable. You must place shedded paper in either a recyclable plastic bag or a brown paper bag to prevent the paper shreds from blowing out of the truck. Also remember pizza boxes are not recyclable.

Yardwaste Collection

Yardwaste for the 2022 season will begin March 27, 2023 through December 13, 2023 . Please do not bag the contents of your yardwaste containers (Green Top): Grass, weeds, brush, branches 4″ or less only. If you would like to obtain an additional container, call Vogel Disposal at 724-625-1511 - there is a one-time $10 fee for delivery or you may purchase biodegradable bags and place beside your yardwaste container. Residents on private lanes must take their yardwaste container or bags to the closest public road. Vogel will not pickup yardwaste on a private lane.

Marshall is proud to announce that our recycle counts have risen significantly since this program began.

Thank you for your cooperation!