Tenant Registration

Why Register Your Tenant

Per Ordinance Number 224, Marshall Township requires all landlords register their tenants for two very simple reasons…Safety and Taxes! The Township is required to provide the Police and Fire Departments with a list of rental properties and their occupants in case of an emergency. We already know the occupants of units that are privately owned but rental units are always changing.

In the past, the Township has lost revenue because some renters have ignored their duty to pay wage taxes for the municipal services they benefit from. It is very important to everyone who resides in Marshall Township that all tax money is collected. This helps assure that we can keep taxes in Marshall Township to a minimum and still maintain the levels of service to which you are accustomed.


Please be reminded that any landlord convicted of violating any of the provisions of Ordinance 224, that is failing, neglecting or refusing to file any required Occupancy Report within thirty days of the lease, or refusing to notify the Tax Collector of any change in occupancy within thirty days of the change in occupancy, or who shall knowingly make any incomplete, false or fraudulent report, shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $300 and costs of prosecution, or shall undergo imprisonment for not more than thirty days, or both, provided however, the Landlord shall not be subject to any penalties provided for under Ordinance 224 for incorrect or misinformation furnished to the Landlord by any Tenant(s). 

A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day on which, or during which a violation of this Ordinance occurs or continues. institute summary proceedings in accordance with the applicable rules of Court for violation of Ordinance 224.

Submitting Requested Information

Please provide the requested information to Jennifer Kinzler.
Attn: Jennifer Kinzler
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