Open Burning Regulations

To be a good neighbor—and avoid a possible fine—comply with outdoor burning regulations. Make sure your fire is no bigger than 3’ wide x 3’ long x 2’ high and is 15 feet or more from your property line. Remember, the smaller the fire, the better.

Open burning is prohibited within Allegheny County on Air Quality Action Days—days when air pollution is expected to be higher than normal. Learn more about the Air Quality Index, an easy way to identify current levels of pollution in your area, and Air Quality Action Days, by visiting

And please remember, even the cleanest fire still produces harmful smoke and air toxins. An outdoor fire that meets the ACHD size and placement rules can still be harmful. The severity of the amount of air pollution and odors, the length of time or frequency of open burning, the surrounding hills and valleys, and the weather conditions are all factors that need to be considered before burning.

The only way to completely avoid the harmful effects of wood smoke is simply not to burn.

For More Information from The Allegheny Health Department regarding Open Burning, Please Visit: