Solicitors Permits

Each individual soliciting in Marshall Township is required to obtain a photo permit and must display their permit at all times. Solicitor permits are issued by the Northern Regional Police Department located at:  230 Pearce Mill Road, Wexford, PA  15090

Door-to-Door Solicitors

Soliciting is allowed Monday – Saturday, 9 AM until 9 PM excluding Sundays or any other federally designated holiday or on any day where the Department of Homeland Security has issued a formal alert regarding a specific or credible terrorist threat resulting in an imminent or elevated threat level.

Observe “No Soliciting” and “No Handbill” signs and the DO-NOT SOLICIT list.

Do-Not Solicit List

Marshall Township Ordinance No. 448 allows citizens to register on the Do-Not Solicit list.  Solicitors are prohibited from knocking on doors of addresses on the Do-Not Solicit list.

View the DO NOT SOLICIT REGISTRY (updated March 13, 2017).
This list will be updated and re-published (without names) periodically.
New solicitors will also receive a copy of the list when they are issued their ID/Permit.


An address can be added to the list by registering below or visiting the Marshall Township Municipal Building at 525 Pleasant Hill Road, Wexford, PA  15090.

  1. Click: Register for the Do-Not Solicit List
  2. To submit your completed registry application or to remove your address from the Do-Not Solicit list, please email the Township Secretary’s office at:

For More Information
For more information about the solicitor permitting process or to file a complaint regarding solicitors, please contact the Northern Regional Police Department at: 724-625-3157.