All property owners are required to pay real estate taxes on the real estate they own in the Marshall Township whether it is undeveloped (vacant) or improved.   Allegheny County is also responsible for the assessment values placed on individual parcels. More information regarding assessments can be obtained by visiting the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessments.

Real estate taxes are imposed by using the properties “Full Market Value”  valuation (as established by Allegheny County) multipled by the tax millage rates established by the individual taxing bodies.  The current year the millage rates are as follows:

  • Marshall Township – 1.42
  • North Allegheny School District – 18.0011 (2017; 2018 millage to be set June 2018)
  • Allegheny County – 4.73 (Collected by Allegheny County Treasurer)

Marshall Township and North Allegheny School District property tax bills are sent together in the same envelope and have the same due dates.  Real Estate Tax Bills are mailed on or about July 1st. The due dates are as follows:

  • 2% Discount Amount Due :
    August 31st
  • Face Amount Due:
    October 31st
  • 10% Penalty After:
    November 1st

Important Phone Numbers:

  • Marshall Township Tax Collector:
    724-772-2470 – Phone
    724-772-4738 – Fax
  • Allegheny County Tax Office:
  • Assessment Questions:

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue:

Office of Property Assessments:  Abatement & Exemptions: